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One of Feto Enginhera&#;s three aims is to increase awareness and participation of women in technical and engineering roles. With this in mind, Mana Dulce (civil), Mana Ania (environmental) and Mana Carolina (chemical) organised a visit to the local high school to discuss the different fields of engineering and give personal examples from their own careers. Fellow female engineers and EWB volunteers Corinne Wallis (electrical) and Vlasta Jeftic (architect) also presented. 

 The high school students were keen to hear more about the different careers of the engineers. They asked challenging questions, such as whether it was possible to change industries, and the job prospects for Timorese Engineers in five years time. These are questions every engineering undergrad has asked themselves.  The presenters answered professionally and succinctly.  Feto Enginhera will be continuing to visit schools to discuss engineering, and provide inspiring examples of Timorese women in technical roles. They will be visiting Aileu, a district town South of Dili, in July .