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EWB volunteers are passionate about human-centred engineering and creating a positive change in the world.
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Many ways to volunteer

EWB Australia was founded in 2003 on the idea that engineering, along with complementary skill sets and aligned organisations, can lift people out of poverty. One of the best ways to contribute to making this vision a reality is to work with us, participate in one of our programs, or volunteer. There are many opportunities to give your time, in ways that align with your skills, interests and experience.

Code of Conduct

To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and enriching experience, EWB Volunteers are expected to bring a spirit of respect and integrity to their engagement with EWB. Our Volunteer Code of Conduct guides our Volunteers as they contribute to EWB’s mission and vision.

Open volunteering opportunities

Explore these volunteer opportunities available in all our states through our chapters

Local Chapters

Join a local chapter to participate and explore volunteering opportunities close to you.

Volunteer overseas

Become an Australian volunteer field professional on a 9-20 month assignment.

National office

Gain work experience, learn new skills and support our programs, based at our HQ.

“My journey as a volunteer has encouraged me to believe that everything is possible. The biggest reward of volunteering has been my own satisfaction and personal growth.”
- Karina Ojeda

Volunteering in the Torres Strait

Chelsea Hayward, supported by the 2017 MECCA M-Power scholarship, travelled to the Torres Strait Islands with a group of volunteers to pilot some new School Outreach resources.

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Stories of volunteering

Regioneering takes head, heart, and action

Regioneering takes head, heart, and action

By Lachlan Fraser Before the volunteers from EWB’s 2019 Regioneering program flew to the Torres Strait, the students involved in the upcoming workshops were asked to draw a picture of an engineer. One young girl drew a male stick figure next to a car - no surprise!...

Visioning Reconciliation: Reconciliation, engineering and you

Visioning Reconciliation: Reconciliation, engineering and you

When people say what can I do, I’m just an individual, Arabella Douglas likes to remind them that they’re made of stars.  As you might guess, Arabella is passionate about how individuals can come together to create real change. That’s why her involvement in EWB’s...