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EWB responds to floods in Timor-Leste

EWB has swiftly responded to the flooding disaster in Timor-Leste that has created widespread damage and left 11,000 people displaced.


Our 2020 to 2030 Strategy

A world where technology benefits all.

International Program

With your help, we can build the capacity of local communities to manage their own engineering needs as a pathway to sustainable development.

Our Engineering on Country Commitment

With your help, EWB’s human-centred engineering movement can ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are not left behind.

Harnessing the potential of engineering to create an equitable reality for the planet and its people

Through partnership and collaboration, we’ve focused on developing skills, knowledge and appropriate engineering solutions for almost two decades.


Education Programs

Redefining engineering pathways through real-world education and research programs, from Primary to PhD.


Training Programs

Developing a future-fit workforce for a sustainable society through immersive learning experiences.

Community Projects

Facilitating meaningful, sustainable change in-community through local partnerships.



Technology Development

Technology development anchored by our unique human-centred engineering ethos.

Support us. Help us continue impacting lives

 Community Snapshot

Our programs and projects aim to enable the sector and community to access to skills and technical expertise. Our work spans the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu as well as Indigenous Australia.

Mobilising the Accessible Moto v2.0

Over the past year as EWB Australia initiated its new mobilisation program which matches...

In rural Cambodia, co-designed technology gives better access to livelihoods

The Agrilab works with communities of people with disability in rural areas of Cambodia to...

Partnering for Impact

“EWB Australia’s skill set and knowledge, and their capacity building of local engineers is...

Get Involved with EWB Australia

We take good intentions and turn them into meaningful impact.

Anyone can contribute – you don’t need to be an engineer – and there are plenty of ways to be involved, from simply spreading the word to engaging in meaningful volunteering or making a donation.

Recent News & Stories

Explore our projects, meet our people, learn more about the most recent work of EWB Australia.

Embedding the SDGs into corporate responsibility initiatives

Embedding the SDGs into corporate responsibility initiatives

EWB Australia partners with organisations that align with us in their commitment to positively contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. One of these is Epiroc, a leading productivity partner for the mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries....

Wenqian’s way: From inquisitive kid to challenging the status quo

Wenqian’s way: From inquisitive kid to challenging the status quo

Picture yourself as a kid, watching your parents clean the house. If you’re like most people, you couldn’t think of anything more uninspiring.  If you’re like Wenqian Gan, this is exactly what inspires a career. Growing up, Wenqian would watch her parents do chores...

Good will hacking – monitoring the moto

Good will hacking – monitoring the moto

Patrick carries around five second-hand phones. On the weekends, he straps them onto the dashboard of his car and takes them for a drive through Sydney’s streets. Patrick’s not a covert criminal running some kind of dodgy operation. He’s conducting important work on a...

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