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Gab is working with EWB’s partner Live & Learn Cambodia to design and install low cost sanitation solutions for a community living on the Tonle Sap Lake. The community lives and works largely on water, either in floating buildings or stilted houses. Over . million people live on the lake and have previously had no options for affordable toilets that work in these challenging conditions – most defecate directly into the water causing serious contamination and health consequences.

“The local people are searching for new solutions. With Khmer people, where there is a will there is a way. This innovation and determination are important to harness when working with the community. Together we are creating toilets that work in the most difficult of circumstances,” said Gab.It can cost $, to provide one of our community partners with a fully supported professional volunteer, like Gab, for a year. Last year, over EWB engineers and technical specialists travelled overseas, using their skills to assist communities to access clean water, sanitation, waste systems, energy, basic infrastructure and information communications technologies.Make a Christmas donation to EWB to enable engineers to create change with communities in .

You can view Gab’s progress at www.facebook.com/GabInCambodia or read her full story.