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EWB members and volunteer Simon Osenieks has been awarded the Young Professional Engineer of the year by the Canberra Division of Engineers Australia.  Simon, who has a Bachelor of Engineering (honours) in sustainable Energy Systems and electronic systems has been an active member of EWB’s ACT Chapter, only recently stepping down as the chapter president. In addition to his presendential duties Simon was also the project manager for EWB’s water supply project in East Timor.  This involved supply of water and sanitation to students.   Simon was instrumnetal in managing volunteers and overseas contractors and donor representatives. He also involved in the development of a memorandum of understanding in both English and the local language. Here is a quote from a  recent EA article celebrating the achivement ‘Simon successfully overcame language and distance barriers that I am sure many of us have nothad to face, and demonstrates hisproficiency in communication skills.His work on this project clearly shows his dedication and achievement in community affairs, and how professional engineering skills can be used to benefit society’.Congratulations Simon from everyone at EWB and thank you for your contribution to EWB!