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Impactful Futures Immersives

Transformative and immersive professional study tours designed to expand your understanding of emerging global challenges, build skills and define the role you play as a committed corporate citizen.
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Develop the skills required to be a globally responsible professional and powerful enabler for change.

EWB Professional programs build on our deep understanding of community development practice and engineering for social value creation. Leading practice, approaches and methodologies at the nexus of engineering, design and community development sectors are translated into immersive training initiatives that build critically important professional skills – such as dealing with complexity, leadership and cross-cultural competencies.

Our programs activate a movement of professionals with the skills to influence systems in order to contribute to sustainable development and generate future-ready industries.

Program Aims

Future-Ready Professionals

Cultivating the skills and attributes required to navigate a complex future, and work effectively in an increasingly globalised context.

Global Movement

Creating a movement of engineering and technical professionals who have the capacity to shift industry toward a sustainable future.

Impact through Collaboration

Promoting impact through long-term, equitable relationships; leveraging the knowledge and expertise in our networks.

EWB’s Immersive Program is a structured series of workshops and cultural immersions taking professional participants on a powerful learning journey over seven days. The program brings together a diverse group of professionals, academics and emerging leaders who form a multi-disciplinary cohort, alongside local community members and stakeholders. All Immersives are designed and hosted by EWB Australia’s expert facilitators in collaboration with local community and social-impact organisations.

This is a unique professional development opportunity where you will be challenged, inspired and motivated, and gain the skills to take your aspirations as a change maker to the next level in your practice.

Upcoming Immersives

Climate Resilience in the Pacific

Port Vila, Vanuatu – 26 May – 2 June 2024

Cost: $7000

Engineering and related sectors have much to contribute to halting global warming, but it’s not business as usual. Climate change is already impacting the Pacific, where cyclones, floods and droughts have increased in intensity and frequency. With predicted sea level and temperature rise and unpredictable weather patterns, we ask the question – what does it take to create real change?

Applications now open!

What will you learn?

Our programs are inspired by a diversity of knowledge areas such as human-centered design, social responsibility, sustainable development, systems theory, international development, regenerative development, participatory approaches and adaptive change process.

Develop personal and professional breadth skills 
Understand systems and roles that affect sustainable development
Appreciate community-based approaches for delivering value to diverse stakeholders and clients
Apply tools, frameworks and professional skills in a cross-cultural context

Work in a collaborative team environment


Build cross-cultural competencies

Understand factors for working in complexity

Practice sustainable systems thinking

Communicate with diverse stakeholders

Each program explores key Sustainable Development Goals

“I gained insights into better knowing how to ask purposeful yet open-ended questions, and to embrace the ambiguity. Asking questions with a solution already in mind does not allow me to really listen and be present – and it’s essential in order to gain a greater depth and breadth of insights to create solutions.”

Leah Sertorio

Manager Water Networks, Queensland Urban Utilities, Cambodia Immersive, February 2019

Program Format

 Our programs are led by a team of expert facilitators who guide the learning  journey and critical reflections. Each program contains a number of engaging and immersive elements that support participant learning and transformation.

Engaging Workshops

Professional Networking

Deep Cultural Immersion

Field Visits and Case Studies

Peer Learning and Discussion

“I’d definitely say there would be a huge range of positive impacts on my professional work because of the experiences I gained during the program. I will be using this experience to provide evidence for at least 13/16 competency claims [for Engineers Australia’s CPEng chartered status]. My learnings on the program will also help me better understand my client’s needs and how to ask the right questions… so that I can deliver a better outcome to the client more efficiently and effectively.”

Andreas Henschke

Water/Civil Engineer, WSP, Cambodia Immersive, February 2019

Continuing Professional Development

A note for Australian engineers working toward EA Chartered Status: Activities undertaken through EWB Immersives can be provided as evidence of CPD hours toward Engineers Australia Chartered Professional Engineering Accreditation. These programs will assist you to gain exposure and build competencies that are difficult to attain in the workplace.