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In episode 5 of The Actioneers, EWB’s Engagement Program Manager, Melanie Audrey, talks to Alexandra Sinickas, founder and engineer behind Milkdrop.

Alex shares how her quest to feed her baby pain free led her to found Milkdrop, a product designed for people with breasts, by people with breasts. We talk human centred design, setting up a sustainable business and female entrepreneurship.

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About Alexandra Sinickas

Alex is the founder and engineer behind Milkdrop. She is working to change how breast pumping feels for the millions of women around the world, suffering unnecessary pain, damage and discomfort using pumps each day.

She and her team are starting from the nipple up, earlier this year launching a soft silicone cushion that stretches over the head of traditional breast pumps. Designed on the physiology of a baby suckling, the cushion makes pumping feel softer, more natural and far more comfortable against the nipple.

Alex is based in Bright in regional Victoria.

To find out more about Milkdrop, visit www.milkdroppumps.com

Follow Milkdrop on Instagram: @milkdrop_pumps