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The Actioneers

An Engineers Without Borders Australia podcast exploring how socio-technical professionals are changing the engineering profession and the world.

An EWB Australia Podcast

This podcast is a mechanism for communicating our view that engineering is a critical enabler of the changes required to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that the engineering profession can and should work towards changes that allow the planet, including all people and living things, to thrive. The podcast tackles the conventional, narrow perception of engineering with a contemporary vision where ‘soft skills’ are ‘core’ skills.

Framed by the SDG’s, we present conversations with socio technical professionals who are culture-shifters and changemakers.

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S1 EP7: Ruby Heard 23 May, 2022 - In episode 7 of The Actioneers, EWB's Engagement Program Manager, Melanie Audrey, talks to Ruby Heard, Engineer Australia's VIC Young Professional Engineer of the Year, 2019, about her time working in… read more
S1 EP6: David Hood AM 22 April, 2022 - In episode 6 of The Actioneers, we talk to David Hood AM about how ecosystem services are critical for delivering the quality of environment necessary for the survival of life,… read more
S1 EP5: Alexandra Sinickas 31 March, 2022 - In episode 5, we talk to Alexandra Sinickas, founder and engineer behind Milkdrop. Alex shares how her quest to feed her baby pain free led her to found Milkdrop, a… read more
S1 EP4: Jane MacMaster 3 March, 2022 - In this episode, we chat with Engineers Australia's Chief Engineer, Jane McMaster. Together, we explore Jane's generalized approach for complex problem solving, dig into the relationship between sustainable development, a… read more
S1 EP3: Corey Tutt 8 February, 2022 - In episode 3, we talk to proud Kamilaroi man Corey Tutt, about his journey from Alpaca shearer to discovering the joy of STEM, founding Deadly Science and publishing his first… read more
S1 EP2: Milda Pladaite and Chris Chukwunta 6 January, 2022 - In episode 2, we talk to Milda and Chris from the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), Young Engineers Working Group on Climate Action, about their experience negotiating at COP26… read more
S1 EP1: Marlene Kanga AM 17 November, 2021 - In our first episode, we speak with Marlene Kanga AM on leading the recent reform of the International Graduate Attributes and Professional Competencies (GAPC) Framework, and how the new competencies… read more


Meet your Hosts

Eleanor Loudon
Eleanor Loudon
Chief Executive Officer
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Melanie Audrey
Melanie Audrey
Engagement Program Manager

Melanie has fostered a fierce determination to protect the natural environment since the earliest of ages. After establishing a career in the Arts she returned to study in 2008 and completed a Bachelor of International Development followed by a Master of Environment in 2016. Melanie is a campaigner for positive change. Working in politics between 2014 and 2017, she sought to contribute to the movement for a more compassionate world. Melanie also delights in the unconventional and colourful and seeks to capture this through her performance, photography and cooking.

Mitch Horrocks
Mitch Horrocks
Technology Development Lead

Mitch is an Industrial Designer with a strong human-centred design background in developing communities. He Studied Industrial Design at UTS and during his Honours Project was able to design a simple product that allows rural communities in Uganda to boil water and cook food at the same time, alleviating the stresses related to the lack of access to clean drinking water. He then founded his own charity in Uganda to distribute these products to remote communities. Since returning to Australia, Mitch has joined the EWB team to champion innovation and design as a tool for solving complex problems in the communities we work in.