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This month we’d like to celebrate the amazing work of EWB volunteer Jon Lee. Jon is a civil engineer with years of experience in design and construction supervision on geotechnical building and infrastructure projects. Jon’s illustrious career includes working in Hong Kong and Singapore in both research and engineering. Although Jon works full time for AECOM (formally Maunsell), Jon has kindly donated his time to us over the years through his participation in:

  • The formation of the EWB-NSW Chapter and the relaunch of the EWB Queensland Chapter. He continues to be involved in their activities and events.
  • The past EWB conference as our residential photographer.
  • The EWB Indigenous Elements art exhibition – Jon attended a number of the exhibitions across Australia! Wow!!
  • Finally, Jon is still working hard on HSO (High School outreach) in NSW.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Jon Lee, and best wishes for the future!