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Women in Engineering

Empowering and supporting engineering women to enable equal participation in Timor-Leste’s engineering sector.

Feto Enginhera (Tetun for “Women In Engineering) is a locally-led group of volunteer women nurturing local female engineers – emerging and practising. It supports relevant initiatives including the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experiences, with an aim to increase awareness and participation of women in technical and engineering roles, and to build capacity for women in engineering. 

With women’s participation in the engineering sector in Timor-Leste well below 30%, Feto Enginhera also provides female role models for young women just starting their engineering careers.

Having gained independence in 2002 after years of conflict, Timor-Leste is working hard to overcome some tough challenges. Currently four in ten Timorese live below the national poverty line, three in ten people still lack clean water and over half the population has no access to a toilet. The private sector also faces difficulties, including a low-skilled workforce and poor infrastructure, and women face significant barriers in accessing education and employment.

The group facilitates a broad range of initiatives that include student engagement (through School Outreach and University workshops), Professional Skills Development (through workshops, student design challenges and internships) and networking events.

This program is supported by ANCP and Australia Aid.