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Partnerships & Sponsorships

Your organisation can make a positive, powerful and lasting impact on the quality of life for disadvantaged communities, both here in Australia and overseas.
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EWB Australia has pioneered the ‘humanitarian engineering philosophy’ of community-centred and community-led development.  We believe communities, corporates, government, universities and industry bodies working together can create sustainable impact, and we are dedicated to building strategic alliances with organisations that share our vision.

We innovate

Through developing innovative technical and social solutions, using a strengths-based human-centered design approach

We galvanize

Harnessing a movement of engineers who understand their responsibility to the global community and who are culturally sensitive to the environment in which they work

We advocate

For policy and systemic changes to support our work

We are actively looking for innovative collaborations with corporations that share our vision, who are prepared to boldly commit to leaving no one behind. And then unequivocally stand behind their commitment.

Aligning your company with EWB Australia sends a powerful and positive message to your employees, shareholders and customers about who you are, where your values lie and what you represent.

EWB Australia has a suite of meaningful and impactful Partnership opportunities to advance EWB’s mission and mobilise your workforce (including pro bono support opportunities) to fulfill our community development commitments. 

Our Sponsorship opportunities include cash or in-kind support received in return for recognition and engagement with specific program activity.

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Grants & Partnerships Specialist