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World Engineering Day (WED) for Sustainable Development is celebrated on the 4th of March every year as a UNESCO international day promoting the profile of engineers and engineering. In 2022, engineering students across the world are invited to work in teams towards a global real-world problem as part of a Hackathon, in the celebration of the day, with a focus on the 2022 theme – ‘Build Back Wiser – Engineering the Future’.


EWB Australia has been a part of the EWB International working group informing the development of the Hackathon challenges and judging criteria. The challenges will be announced in January. The competition promises to be a fast-paced simulation of a real-world project. Teams will work collaboratively on a problem to provide a set of deliverables within a short timeframe. Utilising their theoretical knowledge, students gain first-hand experience to develop their critical thinking, build new skill sets, push themselves out of their comfort zone and build lasting relationships.

The World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) and its members and partners are hosting the hackathon which is part of a range of webinars, live streams, competitions, conferences and talks to support the day.

World Engineering Day (WED) for Sustainable Development is an important opportunity to engage with governments, organizations, universities, industries, media and the community to address the need for engineers around the world to develop strategic frameworks and best practices for the implementation of engineering solutions for Sustainable Development. 

To find out more and register visit, https://worldengineeringday.net/hackathon/

Hear from Marlene Kanga, the initiator of World Engineering Day (WED) for Sustainable Development, in The Actioneers podcast.