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As part of our 2030 strategy, we are solidifying our commitment to partnering with business, for good. 

From the beginnings of EWB in Australia, we have attracted engineers from all disciplines and backgrounds to engage in meaningful work with communities in Australia and overseas. These professionals represent diverse organisations; consultancies, corporates, industry bodies and educational institutes, without whom, EWB would not be able to affect long term change.

Partnering with business is a key driver of EWB’s mission. Time and again, we see that the values-aligned businesses who partner with EWB, don’t just contribute to our fundraising efforts, but also make a direct impact in the communities where we work.  

Pro-bono efforts in remote Indigenous communities, sponsorship of careers events for emerging graduates, and mentoring of emerging professionals have given corporate organisations opportunities to increase employee engagement, pursue professional development and meet CSR and RAP targets.

In what ways does EWB partner?

Some of the ways your organisation can partner with EWB include;

  • Event sponsorship (pictured, Aurecon partnered with EWB for climate change event, Feb 2020)
  • Workplace giving 
  • Community fundraising
  • Skilled volunteering and pro-bono
  • Participating in events
  • Affinity marketing
  • Immersive trips in-country

The connections that EWB facilitates between our valued corporate partners and our wide network of professionals, students and program partners, are underpinned by an ethical framework. This ensures the credibility of the relationship and a commitment to communication and relationship building.

EWB is now on the lookout for values-aligned organisations that are seeking to connect every level of their business, from grads through to their executives, to the possibilities of human-centred engineering. Our bespoke partnership approach means that there is an opportunity for different kinds of businesses to partner with EWB.

Our partners’ businesses are innovative, socially and environmentally aware, and share our commitment to human-centred engineering. Aligning your company with EWB Australia sends a powerful and positive message to your employees, shareholders and customers about who you are, where your values lie and what you represent.

“Engineers have a responsibility to improve the lives of communities and the environment that surrounds us. Arup and EWB share this commitment to be better, to do more. We partner with EWB because we can achieve more together, and our people can directly see the difference they can make to communities on-the-ground.”

 – Peter Chamley, Chair, Arup Australasia Region (Gold Partner EWB Australia)

For more information, or to discuss EWBs current partnerships, please contact Gillian Bent at g.bent@ewb.org.au.