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After seven years at the helm, one of EWB’s founders Daniel Almagor will be stepping down as CEO. Daniel and the entire EWB Community are proud to announce the promotion of our Operations Director Lizzie Brown who will be taking up the position of CEO from May .

Daniel initially conceived of EWB as a response to the limited opportunities for engineers to get involved in international development. His vision was that of a community of like minded people involved in practical grassroots activities to fight poverty and disadvantage, from community projects to education initiatives. This dream has become a reality with more than , members, chapters, and in last year alone, well over volunteers working directly in sustainable community development projects both in Australia and overseas.

“Being part of EWB has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I have met the most amazing people and had the chance to really shape an industry. I have woken up every day with a spring in my step knowing what I was heading to the office to do.” says Danny.

His passion for EWB remains as deep as ever and although Daniel will continue to be actively involved with EWB, he is taking a step back from the organisation to dedicate more time to his growing family and to pursue his other passions, leaving EWB in the safe and familiar hands of Lizzie Brown.

Lizzie Brown founded the first EWB Queensland chapter in , eventually leaving full time engineering consultancy work to become the part time Education Officer for EWB in . Since that time she has launched the incredibly successful EWB Challenge design program for first year engineering students across Australia and has been instrumental in the management of all EWB operations. Although based in our Queensland office, she and her husband Rick look forward to moving to Melbourne to take up the new role.

“I am very excited about my new role with EWB and I feel very privileged to have this opportunity. As EWB’s new CEO, I will do everything I can to support and lead our amazing community of staff, members and partner organisations to facilitate meaningful and lasting change both overseas and in Australia.” says Lizzie.

The EWB community welcome a new chapter for EWB, its staff, members and projects.

Engineers Without Borders Australia is one of the leading development organisations, working with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through education and the implementation of sustainable engineering projects.

For more information on Engineers Without Borders and to make a donation to our programs please visit www.ewb.org.au

For more information, please contact: Nat Cattaneo

Communications and Marketing Officer, Engineers Without Borders Australia


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