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New Project Profile – Lamalama

New Project in – Lamalama Ranger Base Upgrage -Cape York QLD

Posted by Nathalie Cattaneo to Public file storage, th January , :am

Lamalama is a new project in focusing on improvements to the ranger base at Port Stewart for the Lamalama people.  The Lamalama Land Trust (LLLT) manages the Lamalama Land Estate which consists of country in the Coen Region of Cape York in Queensland. LLLT is a key representative body for the Lamalama people; and plays a central role in co-ordinating and managing activities on country.  Their vision is-  “to be standing on country together as one Lamalama Community. We are strong families. Proud of who we are. Confident in who we are. Proud of one another”.   This vision is guided by strong values such as: “respecting the land and all sacred places; valuing family, people and community; contributing ideas to each other and respecting elders.  And being proud of Lamalama culture and traditions, inviting others to experience and respect it.”  For Lamalama people, “Land, Sea, people and families are core to everything they do”. The Lamalama Land Trust (LLLT) want to improve their ranger base, located at Port Stewart, via Coen, Cape York, Queensland.  The proposed improvements include; building a fly over roof and veranda for their demountable, a carport, and a lockable storage cage. This is a crucial step in achieving their desired Community Plan which identifies the co-ordination of an active ranger program on country as central to social, economic, environmental and cultural aspirations. 

 This basic infrastructure will allow their ranger program to move from being run from nearby Coen to on country.  This will benefit Lamalama people by providing a central hub to co-ordinate their work thereby supporting employment on country. Two team leaders and four operational rangers will be employed full time.

 LLLT are looking for partners to work with them on this project to provide the necessary skills and expertise.  The Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) has a long established relationship with Lamalama people and together with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) we are looking forward to working further with the Lamalama Community and their Land Trust.  Between them, CAT, EWB and LLLT will provide project management, community engagement, community participation, project development and facilitation of volunteers.  However, there is a crucial gap in the skills held by EWB, CAT and LLLT that needs to be filled in order for this project to go ahead. Consequently the parties are looking for another project partner to coordinate design and construction.

 The project is seeking expressions of interest for project partners to play a coordination and leadership role in the design and construction of the ranger base upgrades at Port Stewart.  We are seeking either a single partner that can take on both design and construction. Alternatively, we are seeking two partners. The role of the first partner will be to lead the project and manage design, and the second partner to manage construction.  It is envisaged that the successful partners will not receive a direct financial return for the services provided.  Instead the successful partners will gain an opportunity to experience working with a progressive and inspiring Indigenous community, supporting EWB and CAT in their objectives and contributing to a positive future for Indigenous Australians.