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Sheena Valenti (née Ong) is a climate change consultant and manager with Energetics. She has advised ASX500 clients on decarbonisation strategy, carbon accounting and managing climate risk. She previously lived in Alice Springs and worked as an engineer and project manager with Ekistica, specialising in renewable energy and operating the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre.

As an EWB volunteer for 8+ years, Sheena held roles as Regional Chapter President (WA) and University Chapter President (UWA). She has travelled to Cambodia and participated in Murray Darling Dialogues, the Mickey Sampson Leadership Program and National Council events. She completed her thesis on power theft in India and graduated with First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering / Arts (Philosophy). Sheena crowdfunded and produced a documentary, The Humanitarian Engineer, inspired by the philosophical questions raised during her involvement with EWB. The film explores engineering and its impact on disability inclusion, disaster relief and humanitarian development. It has screened at 40+ events worldwide including Australia, NZ, USA, UK, Singapore and Portugal.