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Rebecca’s involvement with EWB spans over a decade. While at university, Rebecca participated in School Outreach, Design Summits in Cambodia and completed her engineering thesis on rural electrification through appropriate technology with EWB. Rebecca began her career with a year-long field placement with EWB as Project Facilitator in Cambodia, which stemmed from her thesis and saw dozens of solar home systems installed in rural households, providing access to electricity.

More recently, Rebecca was awarded the MECCA M-Power scholarship which aimed to increase the representation of women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in STEM. The project included a series of school outreach workshops in the Torres Strait, cross-cultural awareness training and the creation of an animation video which detailed the experience of a woman in a world that wasn’t designed for her.

Rebecca’s corporate career has focussed on investment and business transactions across venture capital and investment banking. From this, Rebecca has expertise in financial resourcing and cash flow management as well as business models and scaling up operations. Rebecca’s previous committee experience includes the Vice Curator WEF Global Shapers and committee member of Young Engineers Australia. Rebecca aims to contribute to the board by combining her long-term knowledge of EWB’s programs and philosophy with financial literacy and governance, while also bringing a sustainability mindset.