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We’ve received nominations from across our EWB Australia network to give a huge SHOUT OUT to some special individuals. This National Volunteer Week (18-24 May 2020), we want to recognise and celebrate the impactful contribution of these excellent humans – thank you for everything that you do to help support and progress our mission!

First name Surname Role Region
Gavin Blakey Board Chair VIC Region
Marlise Brenner HR Support VIC Region
Annette Bui NSW Region Treasurer NSW Region
Annette Bui Treasurer NSW Region
Eva Cheng EWB Challenge Subject Coordinator / Field Professional NSW Region and Timor Leste
Emily Chung NSW Region Local Partnerships Coordinator NSW Region
Sabrina Cohan Field Volunteer Vanuatu
UTS Executive Team UTS Executive Team NSW Region
Patrick Fogg Regioneering Coordinator QLD Region
Wenqian Gan NSW Region Secretary NSW Region
Amanda Gower Professional volunteer – Writer – EWB Annual Report 2019 VIC region
Chris Harnett Field Volunteer Vanuatu
Clare Harris Office volunteer – Comms and Fundraising VIC Region
Chelsea Hayward School Outreach Coordinator NSW Region
Allen Hortop WASH communications volunteer VIC Region
Briana Jones School Outreach Coord + WASH Communication Junior Officer ACT Region
Sam Kelsey Field Volunteer Vanuatu
Danielle Kirby National Mobilisation Facilitator VIC Region
Michelle Knappestein Field Volunteer Vanuatu
Heleen Lindeque NSW EoC Coordinator NSW Region
Nicole Locke WASH Program Mentor Cambodia
Eleanor Loudon CEO VIC Region
Joseph Malicdem Macquarie University Chapter Co-President NSW Region
Mike McCreadie Chair, Finance Risk and Audit Committee (EWBA and ATEC) VIC Region
Gabrielle McGill NSW Region Past President NSW Region
Angus Mitchell NSW Volunteer / Field Professional (Technology Development Engineer) NSW Region and Cambodia
Jamal Moussa NSW Region Vice President NSW Region
Margarita Moya Board Member NSW Region
Sureni Perakotuwa WASH communications volunteer VIC Region
Daniel Pires Field Volunteer Vanuatu
Jonothan Posniak NSW Region Skill Me Coordinator NSW Region
Leon Ross National EoC Coordinator NSW Region
James Rowlinson Field Volunteer Vanuatu
Laura Russo Professional volunteer – Editor – EWB Annual Report 2019 VIC region
Cole Scott-Curwood NSW Region Corporate Galvaniser NSW Region
Purvi Shah Volunteer – website designer VIC region
Anais Tartarin Field Volunteer Vanuatu
Maria Tran NSW Region President NSW Region
Macquarie University Macquarie University Chapter NSW Region
Charlotte Vossenkuhl NSW Region Communications Coordinator NSW Region
Di Willis Leadership Mentor VIC Region