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Across the country EWB Australia student chapters have been bringing energy and excitement to their university orientation events, introducing new students to the EWB community and the breadth of opportunities to engage and contribute while at university. Join us on a quick photo tour of what the EWB teams were up to across Australia!

Queensland University of Technology chapter executives show off some fantastic event photos at their O-Week booth, helping new students visualise the activities they might jump into (Dragon Boating anyone?).

Queensland University of Technology chapter

Frances, Co-President of the University of Sydney Chapter enjoyed explaining the ways in which students could boost their presentation skills by getting involved in School Outreach modules and particularly enjoyed talking about her experiences on the Winter Regioneering triip. The fantastic executive members Nicolina (left) and Tasfia (right) were absolutely beaming at the opportunity to share their experience of Engineers Without Borders with incoming first-year students. Plenty of students showed interest in the upcoming Inter-University Design Corner competition, but any clues about the design problem to be unveiled were kept to a minimum.

University of Sydney Chapter

Macquarie University Chapter

The Macquarie University Chapter had custom-designed promotional materials on display and also spent time discussing the ‘Engineers Declare’  movement with their university peers.

While on the other side of Sydney the University of New South Wales Chapter kicked off their trimester weeks ago and are already have multiple welcome activities in the books!

University of New South Wales Chapter

The University of Western Australia Chapter team was all smiles at their O-Day booth and will be following up with another opportunity to grow the ‘EWB UWA family’ at a Welcome Lunch.

Meanwhile at the University of Queensland, chapter members are already following up Welcome Day activities with nEWBie nights, specially designed to introduce new students to the world of EWB!

EWB Australia university chapters create spaces for students (not just engineers!) to explore how technical professionals can contribute to creating a better world, and mechanisms to share this message with others. With hundreds of activities planned across the year, we can’t wait to see how wide this reach might grow in 2020!

University of Queensland chapter


University of Western Australia Chapter