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For over a decade, EWB has worked with universities across Australia and New Zealand to deliver the EWB Challenge, engaging emerging engineers (as well as students in associated disciplines) in a range of real-world challenges. 

Students are entering their careers in a rapidly changing world, facing complex global challenges. It is therefore a greater imperative than ever for these students be given opportunities to explore and grow a broad engineering skill set, so they can navigate this complexity from the day they begin their study. In 2020, our unique tertiary program is set to broaden, with an integrated suite of ‘Challenges’ that engages students from first year to post grad. 

Each Challenge aims to foster students’ understanding of human-centred engineering. It creates a cohort that is future-fit, nurturing personal skills and best-practice approaches in readiness to tackle global challenges upon graduation.

The EWB Challenge Series has been created to specifically build this student capacity. It provides a clear pathway for students to explore and understand their personal engineering vision, and supports the tertiary sector in the delivery of curriculum-fit and career-relevant applications to theoretical study. Offered as stand- alone modules, Universities can choose which Challenges best suit the needs of their curriculum and the student journey. 

EWB Challenge (1st year)

A scoped design brief, supporting resources, and a series of EWB engagement points structured to support first year professional skills development and innovation for sustainable development. 

EWB Technology Challenge (2nd year to post grad)

Live project briefs to enable the application of technical skills and development of a human-centred engineering approach, directly linked to EWB’s Community and Technology Development spaces. 

EWB Research Challenge (fourth year and post grad)

A series of adaptable, impacted-oriented research briefs framed around the SDGs and EWB’s development work. A supported program engaging individual students or whole courses to inform and influence broader research agendas and specific projects. 

EWB Influencer Fellowship (fourth year and post grad)

A structured individual professional development program available in parallel to final-year research projects. Fellows develop the capability and confidence to influence change and contribute to the sustainable development agenda.

For more information, view the 2020 Challenge University Guide.