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Board elections are held annually, so it’s time to elect members to the Board. You can consider nominating to the Board to share your experience and skills, and you can identify and encourage others to nominate for the Board. This meeting is called, in accordance with the EWB Constitution, to elect up to four nominated Members to our Board of Directors. For further information on the reasons for calling this General Meeting, the role of the EWB Board and information about nominating for the EWB Board, please see the message from the EWB Chair below. 

EWB Australia Board Election – a message from the Chair

Being a Board member allows you to contribute your skills and experience to create change through humanitarian engineering. It also brings a range of personal and professional benefits as you learn and grow in the role.

Here’s what two of our current Board member have said:“The skills and experience I brought from my role as a Chapter and Regional leader has allowed me to actively contribute on behalf of members as a Director on the Board of a member based organisation.”, Margarita Moya“As a proud Bundjalung man, I’m passionate about increasing the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I’m pleased to contribute my skills and experience in my role on EWB’s Board.”, Shane Kennelly.Board Members must be prepared to bring their background, skills, experience and relationships to enhance the Board’s ability to perform its role, and bring independent and robust judgement, and active participation to EWB Australia. The Board of Directors are passionate supporters of EWB and volunteer their expertise, beyond simple attendance at meetings. Board members are expected to apply their skills to the business of EWB, to ensure that EWB can access a diverse business skill set at Board level.

Joining the Board / NominationsSunday June will be a great opportunity for you or someone you know to create change through humanitarian engineering by nominating to serve on EWB’s Board of Directors.

To undertake its duties the Board seeks a diverse composition of Directors to ensure that these capabilities are aligned to enable us to meet our strategic objectives. Consequently, at this election we are seeking nominations from Members with a specific range of skills and experience to contribute. Please view the capabilities needed.

To nominate for the Board please complete the online nomination form. This is a multi-step process so we encourage nominees to complete the online nomination form (step ) as soon as practicable, and by no later than Thursday May st. Details of all Director vacancies and each candidate for election will be circulated to all EWB Members ten clear days before the General Meeting. If you have any trouble accessing or completing the application form please contact companysecretary@ewb.org.au.We look forward to your participation at EWB’s General meeting at pm on Sunday June . On behalf of the Board, thank you for all your ongoing contributions to EWB and to engineering a better world.Gavin Blakey OAMChair Board of Directors