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The Lafaek Water Project is funded by a DFAT Innovation Exchange Google Grant, and was formally opened on the rd May . Although still in test phase, Senator Wong and Ambassador Doyle were able to drink the potable water produced by the water treatment technology on site, as thorough testing of the production water has shown that it is safe. 

Currently in Timor Leste there is a no reliable regulated water supply, and typically drinking water is either imported bottled water or must be drawn from wells, bores and springs, and then boiled to make it safe for consumption. Tim Anderson, EWB-Australia Project Manager for Lafaek Water explains "By improving access to safe potable water we can lessen this burden."

This important visit provided the opportunity to discuss the direct and indirect training, employment and business development opportunities made accessible to Timorese through scaling this water treatment technology. The initial test phase of Lafaek Water is designed to provide robust evidence-based data of both the technology and its possible uses in the community in Timor-Leste, building upon data from similar test sites in Australia.

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