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"EWB Australia serves a unique and vital role in harnessing and connecting the Australian engineering sector with opportunities for development, innovation, entrepreneurship, learning and leadership development.” says Peter.

As a senior international development strategist, intrapreneur and change leader, Peter is passionate about using innovation to create positive change for people, organisations and communities, and believes technology and engineering are crucial in developing solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.  

With over years of international development experience, Peter took over the CEO role last year, having been at World Vision Australia where he led specialist teams across a variety of disciplines including economic development, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), health, food security, gender and child protection and research and evaluation.

The event will be held on Thursday May , and doors will open from : for a :pm start. The lecture will be followed by refreshments and networking from :pm.

Location PNR Lecture Theatre No , Faculty of Engineering & IT, University of Sydney. Attendance is free but please register by contacting: Malcolm Boyd, Executive Officer, Council for Civil Engineering Sydney, @ malcolm.boyd@sydney.edu.au

About The Roderick Distinguished Lecture Series:

The Roderick Distinguished Lecture Series brings the leaders of industry and government to the University of Sydney to present to the civil engineers of tomorrow the challenges and opportunities which they and their organisations face and the role that civil engineering plays in their work environment. The Roderick Lectures are an initiative of the Council for Civil Engineering Sydney, an industry advisory group formed to assist the School of Civil Engineering to deliver world-class education and research through an inclusive program of engagement between industry and academia at all levels. The Roderick Lectures are promoted widely to the students as well as the industry network of the School of Civil Engineering. The Roderick Lecture series acknowledges Professor Jack William Roderick who, as Head of School from to , initiated programs of engagement with industry to build and to augment the teaching and research programs of the School through the Graduates Association and the Civil Engineering Foundation.