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The report, EWB Australia’s most comprehensive yet, showcases the breadth of our impact and highlights how we are fulfilling our mission to connect, educate and empower people through humanitarian engineering, and achieve the aims of our ‘Engineering a Better World Strategy’.

EWB Australia CEO Peter Baynard-Smith says the report showcases the innovative and impactful work the organisation has achieved.

“This Annual Report serves as an inspiring document both for us and our partners. It allows us to see and reflect on the positive effect we have on the world. I’m really proud to lead an organisation that is creating such profound change in both the engineering and education sectors at home and abroad. I look forward to working with our partners and community over the next months to continue growing this impact.”

This report highlights how EWB’s School Outreach Program has inspired , young students with the power of humanitarian engineering for social good, and the impact of the EWB Challenge Program which guided more than , first year university students from Australian universities to solve real-world community challenges in Zambia, in partnership with UNHCR.

We delivered eight humanitarian Design Summits in Cambodia, India, Nepal and Malaysia, teaching undergraduates the importance of human centred design and experiential learning, and supported organisations with highly skilled pro bono engineering placements through EWB Connect. In Timor-Leste, Cambodia and Vietnam our International Development Program supported Field Professional Placements contributing over , skilled hours that positively impacted over people.

These results demonstrate how EWB is fulfilling its ‘Engineering a Better World Strategy’, and how we are inspiring and growing the humanitarian engineering movement. We also acknowledge that there are important lessons to be learned along the way, and for the third year in a row we compiled a failure report reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement.

As an organisation we would like to thank our community of partners, supporters, donors, volunteers and members. Our continued impact on the world is only possible with this support. You can support the EWB community to engineer a better world by joining us as a member and/or making a donation.

You can read and download the ‘Towards ‘ Annual Report for – at ewb.org.au/publications