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Link Festival starts with Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter, Co-founders of Future Crunch, taking participants on a journey into the future. They will look at how advances in science and technology today will shape the world of tomorrow. From there Link kicks into overdrive with a plethora of local and international speakers, interactive workshops, live performances and a public exhibition focused on creative solutions to build stronger neighbourhoods and communities.

Highlights include keynote speakers Ana Naomi de Sousa and Tim Jarvis. Ana Naomi, the director of the films Guerrilla Architect and The Architecture of Violence as part of Al-Jazeera’s documentary series ‘Rebel Architecture’, will look at the brave individuals designing and building structures in war torn countries and how they use these structures as a means of activism and resistance. Following her presentation she will be joining a panel of world renowned experts for a discussion on operating in the extremes, where they will look at design in extreme environments – including nanotechnology, deep sea exploration and outer space.

The festival wraps up with Tim Jarvis, environmental scientist and polar explorer, giving his pragmatic solutions to global environmental sustainability issues and an account of his recreation of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous Trans-Antarctic journey and how it has informed his work in sustainability and leadership.

Link Festival is presented by Engineers Without Borders Australia in partnership with Oxfam, CoDesign Studio, Australian Volunteers International and Architects Without Frontiers.

Expand your mind, make genuine connections and leave the festival inspired to help create the social change you want, using the professional skills you already have. For a full list of Who’s Coming, Program and Tickets please visit www.linkfestival.com.au.

Photos:Top left – Tim Jarvis Right – Ana Naomi de Sousa;Bottom – Tim Jarvis approaches crevass on Crean