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Commissioning a turbine at Hepburn, Victoria.Photo by Hepburn Wind

What is Community Renewable Energy?

Community energy projects empower communities to play a constructive role in the response to climate change. They create environmental ‘leadership by example’ and provide lasting economic benefits to regional communities. Community energy projects are renewable energy initiatives:

  • instigated by the local community
  • scaled to the community&#;s own energy needs
  • funded and owned by the community
  • welcomed within the community
  • accountable to their host community
  • built and managed to maximise local jobs.

Who are Embark?

Embark’s mission is to support new community energy projects around Australia to make a material contribution to Australia&#;s carbon abatement effort. Over the next years, they aim to support projects around Australia; empowering , new owners of locally clean energy infrastructure; and creating ,, advocates of renewable energy.

How can I get involved?

We are looking for people with experience in renewable energy, civil and structural engineering, electrical engineering and other relevant fields who are interested in providing technical assistance to this partnership.

Initially, we will be assisting Embark with providing technical input to their wiki (http://www.embark.com.au/display/public/content/Articles). Once we have a suitable selection of volunteers and expertise, we will be able to partner with local communities looking to establish community energy infrastructure. Embark are currently working with community groups and projects all over Australia, so there are no shortage of opportunities!

If you are interested in being involved, please fill out this short form so we can keep you notified of opportunities as they arise.