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Pro Bono

Provide professional pro bono services in Australia and overseas through EWB Australia’s programs and partnerships.

EWB Australia aims to facilitate a mindset and capability lift in the infrastructure profession towards greater social value creation and a culture of pro bono engineering. 

Expertise is often required from disciplines such as urban design, engineering, civil and infrastructure development, quantity surveying, land surveying, energy/renewables, architecture and landscape architecture, product development and software development. Services can range from one-on-one professional development support, technical projects, long term project partnerships, short/long term secondments and pro bono field trips as an example.

Provide Pro Bono

EWB Australia vets, scopes and brokers pro bono opportunities on behalf of community organisations, matching them with the appropriate technical and professional support from a wide range of disciplines. 

All organisations involved in providing pro bono services with EWB Australia are required to become pro bono members* of EWB Australia. Membership supports the facilitation of opportunities, training and workshops for the project team, monitoring and evaluation, communications and impact reporting.  

Request Pro Bono

Are you a community group or organisation seeking support with the development of infrastructure, products, systems or enterprise? 

Are you a business that has been approached for pro bono support and would like EWB Australia to facilitate the services for you?