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Research Symposium

An annual, interactive event showcasing the latest technology and design research for social change.
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Link ∞ Research Symposium showcases humanitarian research focused on providing communities in the Asia-Pacific region with the knowledge and technology they need to live a life of opportunity free from poverty. Link Research Symposium is held annually in December as part of the ‘EWB Challenge Series Showcase’ event hosted by Engineers Without Borders Australia.

About the Research Symposium

This all-day event is an interactive forum to learn about and share insights into technology and design research for social change.  Great speakers from research and practice will disseminate their latest findings with workshops keeping the day active and collaborative.  Attendees will be a mix of students, academics and non-government workers.

This is a great opportunity to directly ask questions of speakers and have conversations around careers, culture, technology, poverty and development. 

Ways to present your work at the Symposium

There are two ways you can present your work at Link Research Symposium.

Poster presentation

Provide an overview of your work and answer direct questions during poster sessions.

Full presentation

A 10 minute presentation to take a deeper dive into your project.

There will be plenty of networking opportunities and question time throughout the day so no matter what presentation style you choose you will be mixing with people who share interests and passion. 

In order to present you must register to attend and powerpoint slides will need to be submitted a week before the symposium.

Who can participate?

Everyone with an interest in humanitarian research, especially related to design and technology for social change. You could be a researcher or practitioner currently in this field wanting to share and workshop your research, or someone who is considering undertaking humanitarian research in the future.  This is an open event with no experience necessary. 

All participants must register online.