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Engineering Workshops

Face-to-face workshops, courses and design challenges. In-house workshops only.
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For over 10 years EWB Australia has delivered unique professional training opportunities through our deep understanding of community development practice and social value creation. Our leading practice, approaches and methodologies from the community development sector are translated into our training initiatives that directly address the demand for ‘globally competent’ engineers.

Typically held over eight days, the Professional Immersives Program is a structured learning program incorporating a cultural immersion within community – either overseas or in Australia. It brings together a diverse cohort of up to twelve professional multi-disciplinary teams, local community members and relevant stakeholders. All Immersives are hosted and facilitated by EWB Australia in collaboration with a local community organisation to achieve real, positive social impact.

Immersive Themes


Centered around learnings and skill/knowledge development in certain thematic areas such as Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Energy, Assistive Technology, Diversity in Leadership.

Engineering in Australia*

Learn about indigenous culture and traditional indigenous engineering as well as develop a deeper understanding of the role engineering and technology play in creating positive change within our own communities in Australia.

Community Outcomes

Work-integrated learning program (inc. pro bono) supporting local place-based community partners and EWB Australia to achieve impact with local communities.

Solution Development

Work-integrated learning program (inc. pro bono), supporting the development of appropriate product and technologies.

* can also customised to suit business needs and objectives on a ‘fee for service’ basis.

Program Aims

Future-ready engineers

Cultivating the skills and attributes required to navigate in complexity, and work effectively in an increasingly globalised context for sustainable development.

Achieving social impact

Combining technical engineering expertise with leading community development practice facilitates the capacity of the sector to develop equitable, feasible, desirable, and viable solutions.

Shifting the profession

When human-centered mindsets are embedded within the sector, engineering practice is conducted responsibly and provides social value to the communities it touches.

Partnering for impact

Supporting community partners through long-term, equitable partnerships by leveraging the knowledge and expertise in our support networks.

What skills are needed in a future-fit engineer?

Creativity, Critical thinking, Complex problem solving, Professional responsibility, Thinking global, Cultural awareness, Adaptive communication, Service orientation, Working with diverse teams, Self management, Leadership, Self-regulation, Adaptability, Empathy, Professional ethics, Sustainable systems thinking.

Participation in EWB Australia’s PDP 

  • will support an individual’s pathway to pre-qualification for EWB Australia’s volunteering and pro bono positions ‘in the Field’, in both Australia and overseas
  • can be used to fulfill requirements of the Engineers Australia Chartered Professional Engineering Accreditation.

“I gained insights into better knowing how to ask purposeful yet open-ended questions, and to embrace the ambiguity. Asking questions with a solution already in mind does not allow me to really listen and be present – and it’s essential in order to gain a greater depth and breadth of insights to create solutions.”


EWB Immersives participant (February 2019)

Upcoming Immersive

Solutions for Sustainable Development Intensive:

Community Outcomes, Broome, WA

July 2019

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Solutions for Sustainable Development Intensive:

Community Outcomes, Santo, Vanuatu

Oct 2019

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Solutions for Sustainable Development Intensive:

Solutions Development, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Aug 2019

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Thematic Study Tours

2019/20 program coming soon.

Engineering in Australia

2019/20 program coming soon.

Internal Group Immersives

Bespoke in-house staff training.

Expand your Experience through volunteering

Explore the broad range of volunteering opportunities with EWB Australia.

Stories from Workshops

Inclusive design for smallholders with disabilities 26 November, 2018 - Cambodia is home to a large number of people with disability due to landmine injuries, age, congenital conditions, and malnutrition during the Khmer Rouge era. There is a labour shortage in rural areas due to… read more
Ian Jones from Agile Development group works with Meghan Garnock from EWB and Chantra Khoem. Designing for Disabilities 18 October, 2018 - Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) uses human-centred design to promote equitable access for people with disabilities in Australia and the Indo-Pacific. One in five people in Australia, almost four million… read more

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