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Projects needing support

We’ve identified a range of appropriate technology solutions needed right now in community. Scoping is complete, and we seek funding and/or technical support for these projects to make them happen.
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Wheelchair Accessible Moto

Designing a wheelchair accessible moto that can be manufactured in Cambodia by people with disabilities.

Project Status: Pending Financial & Technical Support

Project Objective: Enable independent transport for wheelchair-users in rural and urban areas of Cambodia through the development of a safe, appropriate and desirable ride-on wheelchair motorcycle for use in rural and urban areas of Cambodia.

Location: Pursat Province, Cambodia

Description: The need for this project was identified by the local NGO DDSP, based in Pursat, Cambodia. Together with Light For The World, a first prototype was created and implemented with a local wheelchair user. It is now important to undertake a safety and engineering review, develop a second version and investigate the feasibility of local manufacturing the product.

Finite Element Analysis of Orthotics

Developing an optimizable finite element analysis model of orthotics based on a 3D scan of a lower limb.

Project Type:  Development of a Finite Element Analysis model to optimise the design of 3D printed orthotics

Project Status: Pending Technical Support

Project Objective:  To reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of orthotic design and manufacture using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology linked through Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Description:  EWB Australia and AbilityMade are working together to improve the efficiency of orthotic production. AbilityMade has developed a unique approach to the design and manufacture of orthotics using 3D scanning technology coupled with 3D printing. We want to introduce FEA into this system to allow for the optimisation and validation of designs through computational modelling. This will further improve the quality, durability and cost-effectiveness of orthotics and make them more accessible for the people who need them most.

Internet Of Things For Inclusion

Solutions to reduce the high levels of physical labor currently needed to engage in agriculture

Project Status:  Pending Financial & Technical Support

Project Objective:  To increase access to agricultural livelihoods through the design and development of IoT solutions that reduce the high levels of physical labour currently needed to engage in agriculture

Location:  Cambodia (with potential to expand)

Description: Cambodia is home to a large number of people with disability due to landmine injuries, age, road traffic crashes, congenital conditions and malnutrition in the Khmer Rouge era. People with disability in rural Cambodia struggle to be included into many aspects of everyday life. The agricultural value chain is one of these aspects as people with disability may well have land, but find it increasingly difficult to effectively utilize this land due to increasing prices of seeds and equipment and lack of young labor (due to young people migrating to factory work) and lack of support from local experts or self-help groups). This project investigates how IoT technology could be implemented to resolve some of these issues.

Wheelchair Water cart

Wheelchair Water cart – supporting people 

Project Type:

Project Status: Product in-testing, pending financial support for rollout

Project Objective: Enable wheelchair users in rural Cambodia to transport water from water source to farm more efficiently and independently.

Location: Pursat Province, Cambodia

Description: The Wheelchair Water Cart was developed as part of AgriLab 2018 and is now in use by the partner community. The cart is simple, cheap and meets the needs of the user. There is now opportunity to refine it further and create two product offerings; firstly, a cheap DIY version and secondly, a manufactured version that could be purchased along with a new wheelchair.

Support A Project

Many of our projects seek support – either through funding or pro-bono/volunteering services. Keen to help us make these projects come to life? Express your interest below, and we’ll be in touch.