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Bespoke Study Tours

Designing meaningful study opportunities to acutely align with a tertiary curriculum focus.

EWB Australia collaborates with university academics to develop bespoke, thematic study tours, similar to the Humanitarian Design Summit. The opportunity is perfect for academics who wish to integrate real-world immersion and hands-on programming into their teaching portfolio. EWB works with academics to develop programs that align with their curriculum and support learning outcomes.

“The Timor-Leste Engineering in Complex Environments Study Tour was a really rich, real-world, international experience where our students could really challenge themselves. Over two-weeks the students were able to have a transformative, cross- cultural experience through exposure to EWB’s in-country partner organisations and practicing professionals. They were able to explore the complexities of a real context. The collaboration with EWB provided a richness that we wouldn’t have been able to do as easily on our own. The unit received exceptionally high satisfaction in the end of unit evaluation”.

Jenny Turner

Director of Community Partnerships, Swinburne Engineering Practice Academy

Luke Barbagallo

Training Lead