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Partnerships & Sponsorships

Corporate organisations, governments, industry bodies and communities achieve more in partnership. Let’s engineer a better world, together.
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Engineers Without Borders Australia is dedicated to partnering with organisations that share our commitment to human-centred engineering to engage in socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Together, we can create sustainable impact in local communities in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, so that no-one is left behind.

Why partner with EWB?

Aligning your company with EWB Australia sends a powerful and positive message to your employees, shareholders and customers about who you are, where your values lie and what you represent.

And it enables us to continue to extend our work.

A partnership with EWB offers unique brand leverage, employee engagement and meaningful community outcomes. It positions your organisation as a leader in the transition to sustainable solutions and a good partner in the community.

Your brand, staff and networks alongside EWB’s community, programs and storytelling opportunities can deliver on our respective strategic priorities around purpose and value.

  • Showcase your organisation’s values
  • Position your organisation as an employer of choice
  • Meaningfully advance your Corporate Social Responsibility, Reconciliation Action Plan, Climate Action, Sustainability, Gender Diversity or People & Culture agendas
  • Contribute to measured impact that is equitable, sustainable and community-led 
  • Deliver meaningful, hands-on opportunities for staff 
  • Offer professional development opportunities that contribute to CPEng accreditation competencies
  • Access the Australian entity of a global EWB network

We partner with EWB because we can achieve more together, and our people can directly see the difference they can make to communities on-the-ground.

Peter Chamley, Chair, Arup Australasia Region (Gold Partner EWB Australia)


Six streams, outlined below, are purposely themed to align with where you want to make an impact. These streams are designed to enable you to work towards your organisation’s Shared Value, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals, Reconciliation Action Plan, and Professional Development agendas, whilst also aligning with EWB’s mission and work.


Contribute to First Nations reconciliation 

Our dedicated Engineering on Country program works in partnership with remote communities on community-led projects. Our Education team works with volunteers to deliver outreach projects that support engineering education for First Nations students. Together with our partners, we can continue and grow this impactful work and take collective action in contributing to a more reconciled Australia.

Climate Change

Taking action on the climate crisis

The greatest challenge to sustainable development is climate change. Our work together can help address the climate crisis and empower local communities to adapt to the growing climate problem. Longer dry seasons and droughts; increased water, crop and food insecurity; more frequent extreme weather events; flooding; community isolation; sanitation in ever more challenging environments; increasing tidal extremes… the communities EWB works with need solutions urgently and your support can make this happen

Innovation & Technology

Engineering for people and planet

Through our engineering work across First Nations communities in Australia and in communities in countries across the Asia Pacific, we are helping improve the daily lives of vulnerable people. EWB is uniquely positioned to facilitate the development of equitable, sustainable and scalable technology that benefits all. Your support contributes to life-changing technology and impact that can reach as many people as possible.


Emerging Changemakers

Enabling and engaging with our next-gen talent

Our education work promotes engineering as an exciting, impactful career – one that can change lives. Students deserve every opportunity to build and practise the knowledge, skills, and mindsets that will be required of them as future technical professionals operating in a complex world. EWB has a suite of initiatives that do just that. From our curriculum-embedded programs that reach over 10,000 undergraduates each year, to mentorships that foster progressive graduates – support the future talent pool (that might become your future employees!).

Professional Development

Build staff capabilities as socio-technical engineers

EWB is leading the way in redefining engineering as a socio-technical profession. EWB offers a range of professional development opportunities for your team. We work on technology solutions in partnership with communities, which your staff can be closely involved in. Your staff can also benefit from our specialised training programs and immersives. When you partner with EWB, our network benefits too – together creating a stronger force to make meaningful change.

Staff Engagement

Engage staff in ways that benefit communities

Staff can be involved in delivering our national STEM workshop program, providing pro bono engineering and other services, and provide technical insights on projects across the region – in work across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Working with EWB can help organisations retain staff and lift staff morale as they deliver meaningful contributions to communities.


Within these streams we have aligned a range of programs, projects and initiatives.

  • Programs: STEM Youth Outreach & Regioneering, the EWB University Challenge, First Nations Pathways, Engineering On Country, Research – embedded in each of these ongoing programs are a variety of engagement opportunities
  • Engineering Projects: support technology development projects and the various stages of our human-centred Technology Development Approach from ideation through to prototyping and scaling, to deliver on community aspirations 
  • Training: Online and in-country study immersives for emerging and established engineers, plus training programs to build employee understanding of sustainable engineering concepts and global challenges
  • Pro bono and volunteering: Activate skilled employees through ongoing pro bono work on our technology development projects, or shorter term volunteering opportunities (for engineers and non-engineers)
  • Mentoring: Engage your staff in student mentoring opportunities or support fellowship program
  • Events and Activations: Design challenges and hackathons, networking events connecting EWB Chapters with industry, awards, annual conferences, and specific event-led initiatives, such as EWB’s 21st anniversary in 2024
  • Advertising: Build your brand through our network via our e-newsletter and podcast
  • Philanthropy: Align your philanthropy or workplace giving with outcomes 
  • Other: Got an idea on how together we can create positive change? Let’s talk!


EWB’s mission is to ensure that, by 2030, more than 1,000,000 people have equitable access to technology to live well and pursue their aspirations sustainably, as a clear result of our work. To do this, we need to track our impact. Linking to our Theory of Change, every initiative that EWB undertakes is measured and evaluated, ensuring that this impact can also be shared with those partners that contribute to this work.

Opportunities to work alongside EWB start at $15,000 for specific projects or programs, and expand to deeper multi-year partnerships for organisations with a vision to create catalytic impact. We can work together to layer your partnership to suit your areas of interest and investment capacity. We look forward to hearing from you to explore how together we can create a more equitable world for the planet and its people.

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