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Engineer by profession, engineer in spirit 20 September, 2023 - Picture this; you’re an undergraduate university student working on your first introductory engineering assignment where you are required to draw a bridge for a remote village in Cambodia. Or you… read more
Building a reliable water supply for the residents of Darlau, Timor-Leste 19 September, 2023 - In Darlau, a village in Timor-Leste, collecting water was until recently a slow and physically demanding task. Every day, residents would trek to the only springwater supply and carry buckets… read more
‘Impactful Futures’ Immersives return on Lama Lama Country 19 September, 2023 - ‘Look, listen, learn’ was the mantra of Traditional Owners on Lama Lama Country during EWB’s Impactful Futures Immersive in July, which took participants on a journey through the tropical landscapes… read more