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Your donation will help create a world where no one gets left behind.

A world where technology benefits all

Working in Australia and overseas, we are committed to ensuring people in disadvantaged communities have a better quality of life.

For over 15 years, EWB Australia has been building the capacity of local communities in Australia and around the world, to manage their own engineering needs, ensuring long-term sustainable community development.

But we rely almost entirely on the generosity of people like you.

Your donation today will help ensure people in disadvantaged communities have access to the appropriate engineering and infrastructure solutions to meet their most basic human needs.

Stories of Impact

Exploring opportunities for native plants at the ‘Nguluway’ Local Design Summit 25 May, 2023 - The cultivation of native grains through careful land management was once central to Aboriginal life. However, following colonisation, the shift to European foods and farming methods damaged native grasslands and… read more
Drones, disasters and design – new STEM outreach for regional classrooms 5 May, 2023 - It’s a sad reality: regional students all too often miss out on important educational opportunities that their peers in the city get to enjoy. When it comes to STEM outreach,… read more
A launch ceremony for the Erakor Bridge community toilet held in October 2022. The ceremony was attended by community partners including the Vanuatu Ministry of Health, the Vanuatu Society for People with Disability, the Shefa Provincial Government Council, UNICEF and a local school. A climate resilient and community-led solution to sanitation challenges in Vanuatu 3 May, 2023 - For environmental activist David Kalsal, fishing and swimming in the Emten Lagoon on Vanuatu’s Efate Island has always been a part of local life for him and his family. In… read more