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Research Challenge

Our unique research approach is a collaboration with community organisations, universities and research institutes. It connects researchers, academics and institutions to develop innovative solutions to real challenges.
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Since 2007, EWB’s Research Challenge has empowered academics and students to use their skills and passion to develop sustainable solutions. The Research briefs are developed with community – in Australia and overseas – and enable new knowledge and technologies that benefit people in disadvantaged communities.

A unique opportunity to make your thesis count

The Research Challenge accepts applications from final year undergraduate and postgraduate students in any discipline. Research themes include agriculture, assistive technology, business development, education, energy, international development, professional practice, shelter and water, sanitation and hygiene. The project must be part of a students’ formal studies and usually takes the form of a thesis, a research project or capstone subject.

“The most powerful effect on students who participate in the EWB Research Challenge is that it allows them to connect engineering theory to how engineering can be used to help people and communities. Instead of focusing on abstract theories and concepts, they see how their knowledge can have an impact on people.”

Jeremy Smith

Research Engineer, Australia National University



Research Topics

The research topics for this year are available to view here

“EWB’s final year research program is a great opportunity to become exposed to humanitarian engineering during university and meeting other like-minded and passionate organisations and students. The program provides a unique opportunity to be involved in a challenging real world research project with a meaningful impact.”

Jonathan Tharapos

Masters of Engineering, University of Melbourne

Community Partners

We collaborate with like-minded community organisations of all sizes who have identified challenges that require innovative solutions. If you have such a challenge, please contact us to explore a partnership.

Corporate Partners

EWB seeks funding partners to support our research efforts. Funding our Research program is a great way to have an impact whilst getting your business in front of some of the most promising soon-to-be graduates. EWB also seeks corporate mentors to support our researchers. To discuss our range of partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Research Symposium

An annual, interactive event showcasing the latest technology and design research for social change. Speakers from research and practice share their latest findings through workshops and panel discussions; engaging students, academics, industry professionals and non-government workers.

Our University Partners

Application for research topics is a competitive process with preference given to students attending one of EWB’s partner universities.

Stories of Impact

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