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Guest post by Kate Walsh

These meetings bring together women from Timor-Leste who are involved in engineering (and perhaps in other technical roles that have similarities) to meet regularly to share their experiences, discuss relevant issues and access training in a range of areas. What the group will ultimately do will be up to them.

Dulce Soares is a civil engineer working at Plan as the WASH in Schools Manager and has been instrumental in re-establishing Feto Engineira. Here is what Dulce had to say after the first meeting:                                                          

“I found the recent meeting of women involved in engineering very inspiring. Each participant had a unique story to tell about how they chose engineering as a profession, how they became an engineer and how they ended up in their current position. The highlight of the meeting was how we were able to share experiences and knowledge with each other and I think we all found this very motivating. It was great that there was a willingness amongst the women present to continue meeting on a monthly basis and hopefully we can bring our positivity to empower more woman involved in engineering to create a better future in Timor-Leste.”

Engineers Without Borders is very excited to be supporting Feto Engineira